You sleep whilst somebody else drives !!

Whilst On Board

SEASICKNESS--It can and does happen occasionally,the weather can be inclement over the early couple and later months.Having said that it can be lovely later in the year.We have been to The Canaries over New Year and the weather was great! The Bay of Biscay can be moody at any time in the year,but generally over the summer months its very unusual,to be anything other than fine.If you are overcome by Mal De mere(seasickness)it is best to be prepared by taking with you a supply of tablets(Avomine I think are the best,but recently I have taken(yes it does affect me occasionally,but not for long)are Stugeron 15 and are very good.If you are still not sure, in the event of being very unwell, a trip to the doctor is called for to receive a jab,which is expensive but you get it back on your insurance and is totally effective.However after all this there is every chance that you will not even be affected(like my wife).

All that said all that cruises these days tends to have more stops, so long days at sea are not as common(unless Transatlantic of course).

DAYS AT SEA-This is what cruising is all about,it gives you a chance to find your way round and sample what's in stall for you and your fellow passengers.The first stop is to read your copy of the "Horizon"which is  delivered to your cabin the night before. It states what is going on and where throughout the day.

At lunchtime the singalong is on in the pub usually but it varies from ship to ship.

At Midday its the Noon announcement (whilst at sea),telling you your position and what's going on weather wise also if your navigation officer is up for it some light hearted banter and information. For you passengers that like a bit of a flutter there is the ships Tote, in which you guess how far your ship has traveled since Noon or from whatever port you have left to Noon today.This usually takes part in the Pub.On the blackboard there are mileages ranging from Highfield(that is miles out side of the range stated and similarly Low field)All you have to do is go for one or more of the miles shown on the blackboard @50p/go.The winner is the one that selects the correct distance.((Unfortunately P&O have stopped this game now)Practically all the money is paid out,the remainder going to the seaman's charity.

There is also a chance to have a go at bowling using the good old Wii, a good bit of fun in the afternoon.

For those of you that prefer the excitement of Bingo that takes place in the afternoon.Big money to be won here as a Snowball operates.It was around £5 for a book of tickets but this seems to vary from ship to ship with flyers going as well!There is always a big winner !


There are various sporting activities going on on deck as well-Shuffle-board tournaments ,deck tennis(rope hoop that you throw over a net like Badminton)and the deck cricket match in the nets.These days there is also basketball.

Inside there are various Arts and Crafts(small fee)dancing lessons,wine tasting,informative talks in the theatre and of course films are shown. Don't forget that the shops are open all day(whilst at sea). If you forget any small items(bathroom things for instance)there is a shop on-board that sells all your needs,from sweets to washing soaps.This shop tends to be open all day.

There is also a table sale a various times throughout your cruise,where you can purchase all sorts of things like "a inch of gold" and watches at cheaper prices.

When in your cabin at night, you may find that it helps if you have a clock that lights up as cabins are very dark, especially inside ones. Some people leave the bathroom light on(but I did not say that you should!!).

Just in case you are a light sleeper,earplugs can be a boon.