From 2009 you will also be using the new cruise terminal(Ocean Terminal)Berth 46

Also there are occassions where the City Terminal is used.


 You have received your brochure-Now for the good part selecting your cruise. 

Depending on the cruise you choose and what fare you wish to pay,determines which grade of cabins you have to choose from.When choosing cabins its usually best to go midships and low down,if you are not sure about seasickness.

We tend to go for inside cabins on the shorter cruises and outside (possibly a balcony)for the cruises of  longer summer duration.The reason for inside means that with what you have saved ,you could possibly do another cruise !!

Remember-no matter what fare you have paid ALL areas of the ship are open to you(with one or two exceptions) and the food is the same as well!

  1. On the day check in procedure is simplicity itself--Drop off your luggage outside terminal(make sure your labels are on correctly with the cabin number showing) and the porters put it all(except your carry on bags)into the system for you.
  2. On the short cruises 2 nights for instance,you can carry on your luggage as you do not tend to have as much .(also there are not as many porters about)
  3. If you have opted to leave your vehicle with (make sure your sticker is placed on the offside of your windscreen (away from the kerb),the side nearest the driver) there will be one of their representatives to receive your vehicle and issue you with a receipt (dont lose it) and safely park it in their compound.This only applies on cruises of above 4 nights.For short cruises you park your car at the appropriate car park yourself.It is also a good idea to take a spare set of keys with you.
  4. Enter the reception hall ,depending on which terminal you are using as they are all different.(there is a separate check in area for those that need help)you will receive a coloured card with a letter on and you are invited to take a seat.
  5. Then its a matter of waiting until you are called through to hand in you tickets and show your passport and swipe the credit card that is being used to charge to during the cruise also to sign a health check(saying that you have not had an upset stomach for the past two days).
  6. You then receive the most important piece of plastic(your cruise card),this you must sign and guard with your life,dont keep it next to your mobile as it will  demagnetise it. Your card for paying for items bought on the ship and your embarkation and disembarkation card(when you get on and off at ports{its proof that you belong to the ship}it bleeps on the computer when you show it to the crew member at the gangway).
  7. From here you and your hand luggage go through the X Ray machine,from there you walk to the embarkation hall,where you are given a boarding card,with a letter on it.This letter is called out when its your turn to board.Passengers with Gold Portunus or Caribbean and up with the new club cards or in suites and priority boarding go on first.
  8. The lounge(embarkation hall)is like an airport lounge,with a place to purchase sandwiches and Tea and Coffee,also the is a licensed bar.The main lounge is NO SMOKING but there is a viewing area upstairs(Mayflower Terminal),from where your ship can be viewed and it is also a NO SMOKING AREA.
  9. There is now a new terminal that you will board from called Ocean Terminal berth 46 up near where the Cunard
  10. berth is.
  11. When you are called make your way to the ship,along the covered walkway.On entering the ship you are asked to pose for a photograph,which is then matched with your cruise card(make sure that you sign your card as soon as possible)When this is done then you are faced by a group of stewards dressed in white,gloves to match,to assist you with your baggage and show you to your cabin if you board after 14.00hrs.If you have a suite or Gold Portunus members or priority boarding then you go to usually the Crows Nest or one other suitable room until your cabin is ready.For other passengers most people tend to go to the Conservatory or equivalent for a drink and something to eat.
  12. Cabins are usually ready for 14.00hrs.
  13. When you arrive at your cabin you will find that your luggage has been placed inside(if not it will be there shortly).On your dresser is a leather binder with everything that you need to know about your cruise inside.Your cruise card wallets are there also with your deck plans that fit inside(should you need them!)Can you please put your cruise card on the outside of the wallet showing through the window,so you are not fiddling trying to show it to a crew member(it just makes it easier)Also on your dresser is your dinner table number(it is best if you check where your table is to save time before you go down for dinner.)
  14. After a short while your steward will introduce himself or herself and explain everything to you.
  15. On the back of your door is your Muster station point(where you meet for the drill)It is best to see where it is before hand to save yourself time.
  16. One last point is that can you use the toilets as they were designed to work(only put down the toilet anything that has been eaten and toilet paper,as the system cannot cope with any "foreign objects" due to the way the system works)If any toilet gets blocked it can knock out a whole set of cabins.I have been on cruises where this has happened and it is a nuisance to say the least.
  17. It is now over to you,enjoy!!


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